Pickle Ball show with Richard Poirier

Pickle Ball show with Richard Poirier


Kukui Connection

Kukui Connection, hosted by Marilyn Lee, is a weekly show that explores legislative issues, community issues and issues of culture and the arts.  Watch it the first Thursday of each month at 8:30pm, and the first and second Saturdays of each month at 3:30pm, on 'Olelo Channel 54.

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Episode 87: Pickle Ball with Richard Poirier, 10/9/2016

Episode 85: Scott Fuji of Phocused, 8/11/2016

Episode 84: Hanafuda New Cards, 7/10/2016

Episode 83: Rep. Karl Rhodes Judiciary Chair on Past Session, 6/5/2016

Episode 82: What Do You Know About Ancient Persia, 5/8/2016

Childrens Miracle Network Champion, 5/21/2015

Understood.org, 5/7/2015

Special Episode 2: Cindy Bauer Suring the Nation, 5/2/2016

Hawaii Meth Project, 4/25/2015

On Bees and the Environment, with Steven Lee Montgomery, Ph.D., Entomologist, and Yuki Uzuhashi, Beekeeper, 9/4/2014

The Little Fire Ant and The Coconut Rhinoceros Beetle, with Rob Curtiss, Entomologist, Acting Plant Pest Control Branch Manager, Hawaii Department of Agriculture, responsible on the island for both the Little Fire Ant and Coconut Rhinoceros Beetle invasive species, 8/21/2014

Nicole Velasco, Executive Secretary of the Neighborhood Commission, City and County of Honolulu, 6/20/2014

Representative Karl Rhoads, Grid Modernization and Sexual Assault bills from the Judiciary Committee, 6/5/2014

Representative Mark Takai, Hawaii Medal of Honor, Honoring Veterans, Gold Star Family Day in Hawaii, 6/15/2014

Senior Day Care at Mililani Hongwanji – Rosanna Evers, MSW, ACSW, Director Social Services, Waianae Coast Comprehensive Health Center, 2/20/2014

Harry Wong, Artistic Director of Kumu Kahua Theatre, 2/6/2014

Pam Ferguson-Brey, Executive Director of the Crime Victim Compensation Commission, 10/18/2013

Lea Hong, Hawaii State Director of the Trust for Public Land, 4/19/2013

Galbraith Land Exchange with Representative Marcus Oshiro, 3/15/2013

Jo Pruden, Mililani Actress, 2/15/2013