Community Voices

Marilyn is dedicated to serving the people of Mililani and the State of Hawai’i.
Here is what community members said in 2014 about Marilyn’s work as a State Representative:

"Marilyn Lee has been a positive influence in my life and helped me to achieve greater success. In the Legislature she has been a role model in her actions and her words. Central O`ahu is fortunate to have her as a representative because she does so much for our youth."

— Reid Chung, Mililani High School graduate


"Marilyn has been very supportive of my work, and she is always ready to lend a hand to the people in her community.  Her experience as a registered nurse made her one of the few elected officials  who really understood health care."

— Lou Marcelo, media recognized small business person, Waipio Acres, resident

Kurt Murao

"I have known Marilyn for over 15 years and worked at the legislature with her during session several years ago. I know that Marilyn loves Mililani and will work tirelessly for the people of Mililani as the community is always her first priority."
— Kurt Murao, Mililani Mauka resident


"I first met Marilyn in 1987 when she was the nursing supervisor at Wahiawa General Hospital.  She stood out as a knowledgeable leader, effective at getting things done, articulate, ethical, and responsive.  At the same time, she was always diplomatic and worked exceptionally well with others. It is these same characteristics that also made her such an effective legislator.  We need her back in the House of Representatives."

— Sheryl P. Gardner, M.D., retired Mililani gynecologist, Mililani resident


"Marilyn Lee is a long-time and enthusiastic supporter of the arts in Hawaii. She recognizes the importance of the arts in the schools, and her son, Thomas, began his career in the theatre at Mililani High School’s Tri-School Ensemble. The arts in our schools contribute to the development of well–rounded students and in the community contribute to our positive quality of life. We desperately need people with Marilyn’s understanding of the arts in positions of influence, especially in the current climate of cuts, cuts and more cuts in all areas of the arts."

— Jo Pruden, Award-winning actress


"For the many years that I have known Marilyn, she has been especially concerned with education and women’s health issues.  Her involvement with community groups helps her keep abreast of these issues.  Accordingly, she is always ready to assist as a problem solver."

— Jackie Pactol, Waipio Acres Resident


"Thank you for the many years of support you have provided to the Mililani High School Athletic Program.  You played an instrumental role in the design and construction of the synthetic turf field at the John Kauinana Stadium.  Our Boys Varsity Soccer Team directly benefited from your efforts.

Your work in the community has been outstanding!  Thank you for everything that you do for Mililani."

— Jeff Yamamoto, Mililani High School Boys Soccer, Head Coach


"I support Marilyn Lee because she supports the children for the future".

— Paris Fernandez, Mililani Mauka Resident and Mililani High School Graduate.

Dan Nakamura

"Marilyn’s support to the youth of Mililani has been steadfast."

— Dan Nakamura, Scout Leader and Mililani Mauka resident


"Marilyn Lee has always been open and respectful of faith-based organizations and our issues. She is someone I hold in high regard for her values and ethics."

— Reverend Bob Nakata


"Marilyn Lee has been a long-time supporter of our Mililani community. Her faithful attendance at Neighborhood Board meetings and community events is unequaled. She knows this community better than anyone, and she belongs in the legislature serving the people of Mililani."

— Will Kane, Mililani Mauka resident

Carol Petersen

"I support Marilyn Lee because she cares about Mililani and works hard to support the schools and the community."

— Carol Petersen, former Principal of Mililiani Mauka Elementary School and Mililani Mauka resident